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VIS 218 Process Journal Week 1

From the first week of class, the parts of my process that really stuck out was figuring out which ideas to present and learning the technology we'll be using for the class.

My ideas were a fun distraction but also changed as I did the class readings. The form I am planning is what changed the most. The web and push for individuality/creating a site from scratch provoked the creative side of me. I loved the challenge of making something that is fully yours and that has no basis in what other corporations are producing. Even further, I looked at the websites I visit and how I choose which ones I visit. I actually ended up finding myself disappointed in my web activity with this perspective. The websites I gravitate towards are the ones that are quick and stream-lined, but also cookie cutter to every other website I visit. Like, the overall design might be different but the options are the same.

As for electronics, I was thinking after the essay about how I grew up with electronics, starting really in like 2008 with my first vivid memory. I use these objects, from the old-school phones to MP3 players to now using touch-screen iPhones and iPads, but I don’t really know how they work. This was made just glaringly apparent because my laptop crashed last year and even when the tech help explained the situation to me in baby terms, I still did not understand. This essay has kindled in me the desire to really understand how to make my own website, which feels like the new analogue in an automatic world.

Portal is still very confusing to me. However, after Laurel walked me through hard resets, I understood and feel more comfortable uploading my assignments.