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VIS218 Process Journal Week 12

It felt good to return to my series after everything the second half of this semester and implement changes to the website. I did a lot of thinking about the feedback I received during presentation, judging what I felt would help improve my website and what I could ignore. In the end, I made a few stylistic changes (adding outlines to certain images, changing color of others, making space for a new webpage entirely). At its core, however, I wanted the website to look and operate very similar to the original version I presented.

Even with our class ending, I have a feeling I will still continue working on my code and making changes to the website until my initial deposit runs out. Something ambitious and exciting I could do if I’m truly bored would be to expand this series into more shelves and more stories. Or I could keep the shelf the same and make the inner pages smaller as to fit shorter stories and more people. There are more practical changes I want to implement, too. One is further adjusting the images until they appear more realistic and uniform to my eye. Another is to play with plug-ins until my image map becomes responsive to size changes. The next would be editing my stories and pages to make them more uniform in theme but unique in presentation. All of this is to say, I’m happy with “excuse my enthusiasm” and want to show it off. I’m proud of learning how to code the website because it was so hard and challenging for me.

As for “no excuses needed,” I am already planning a follow up event in two weeks that works better with all of my friends, not just the sophomores. At this event, I want to address the changes I thought of after my last event. There will hopefully be multimedia guestbooks, via Spotify or YouTube playlists or a Google Doc, that I can then upload and embed into “no excuses needed”’s webpage on my site.

Lastly, the end of class felt like the perfect time for me to reflect on why I originally signed up and if I felt I got what I wanted out of the course. I’m interested in doing advertising and marketing after graduation, so a beginner’s course into graphic design seemed like a no brainer. I wanted to learn how to use photoshop and how to figure out what was the most visually appealing while stile informative to present information. I feel I did succeed in these goals. I also got to take them a step further by coding. The experience of figuring out how to make the images responsive and active links was one I’m not going to forget soon. So, thank you VIS218 for helping me with my future goals.