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VIS 218 Process Journal Week 2

For this week, my main focus was learning how to write in HTML. I’ve never really coded before so this felt like a huge task. I found myself going back and forth between my text editor/Atom and the video tutorials. The moment I got the first page to link, however? I felt invincible. I was so excited when I got the image to load and the italics to appear.

For the readings, I found both incredibly interesting. I mentioned last week that I didn’t actually know what happened when I did something with technology. I didn’t care to know what the actual step-by-step process was when I arrived at the destination in under a second. After all, I came of age with the internet. Facebook was blowing up when I was finally 13 and able to sign up for social media. The lecture and article drove home to me, however, just how little I understood about the data I was giving away for access to connection.

The title of your interview with Charles Broskoski is what inspired me to choose “excuse my enthusiasm” for my project. The idea of self discovery by revisiting things over time resonated with my senior year nostalgia. For a more personal and replicable twist, however, I want each of the six pieces to represent a different electronic form and accompanying a short story of my most memorable enthusiasm in that format. At the moment, I’m planning to recount: mp3, ebooks, television show, movie, entertainment app, and social media app. I haven’t quite decided what I’m choosing for each format or the exact presentation, but I’m hoping to improve my coding skills enough to go with the idea of a shelf/entertainment center. The show would be a TV you can click on. The ebook would be some book spines. The mp3 would be, a bit tongue-in-cheek-ily, a record player. The movie would be DVD spines. The entertainment app would be like board (a play on bored) games. And lastly, the social media would probably be picture frames.