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VIS 218 Process Journal Week 5

I liked exercise 3, even if I worry that I did not do enough for it. I liked the layout that Laurel gave us to start with and made few changes to it. I prefer minimalism and I’m sure that shows through. The hardest part for me was figuring out how to make the home page different from the exercise 2 data. It took me a while, and going back to the HTML and CSS basics lessons, but I eventually figured it out, I think.

The podcast was interesting to listen to after I worked on Exercise 3. The strategies discussed are helpful and helped me reframe my mindset regarding the series. I liked the idea of planning to start, doing mise en plase so that instincts can kick it after the prep work. It’s a way of thinking I’d never really considered, as I’d be what they called a “pantser”. Passion and motivation are what drive me, not necessarily outlines or guides. However, I can see the usefulness of them. I’m going to try implementing the strategies discussed in my work.

As for my series, it has rolled to a slow stop. Between thesis and other midterms, I’ve been busy on other projects. I’ve still thought out sections of my series, though, and want to put them into action during Spring Break. I've also begun playing around in Figma to figure out how I will do layout and tidy up my designs.